Upcoming Events

Your best chance to run into me in the wild? That’s comic cons and manga/anime conventions, for sure! I frequently table at conventions, bringing art prints and merchandise such as charms and washi tape. Good to know: some items (such as fanart) is only available at events!

If you want to come say hi, here’s where you can already find me with a booth in 2024:

March 9Nieuwe Garde Stripmarkt, Zwolle (NL)
April 6-7Roll Initiative Con, Ewijk (NL)
June 21-23Heroes Dutch Comic Con (T-125), Utrecht (NL)
June 28-30Dokomi, Düsseldorf (DE)

* This list is updated throughout the year.

Past Events

You may have seen me around on these events in 2023.

March 11Nieuwe Garde, Zwolle (NL)
April 15Roll Initiative Con, Ewijk (NL)
May 26-28MCM London Comic Con, London (UK)
June 24-25Heroes Dutch Comic Con (T-13), Utrecht (NL)
June 30-July 2Dokomi (3J06), Duesseldorf (Germany)
August 11-13Abunai (31), Veldhoven (NL)
September 1-3Connichi (P04), Wiesbaden (Germany)
September 9The Big Draw, Arnhem (NL)
September 22-24Made In Asia (O.40), Brussels (BE)
October 5-8Spiel, Essen (Germany) – Heathen Mead booth
October 21-22FACTS (H7-202), Ghent (Belgium)
October 27-29MCM London Comic Con (H-18), London (UK)
November 18-19Heroes Dutch Comic Con (T-135), Utrecht (NL)

For more information on all the things that I’m bringing, be sure to check out my Instagram in the days leading up to it.