D&D Adventures

After their successful Kickstarters, the following tabletop RPG adventures are now available on DriveThruRPG both as interactive PDF (including their print-friendly version) as well as print-on-demand. All adventures are 5e-compatible.

The Haunted Woods

A haunting adventure awaits!

Something is amiss in the small woodland hamlet of Thornvale. If the wards hanging around town don’t already rouse the suspicion of any weathered adventurer passing by, death and decay are slowly creeping upon the surrounding land. And what are these rumors about a Witch of the Woods? Will you be able to defeat the cause and save the village?

This 28-page spooky adventure is most suited for 5th-level parties, but you can adjust it easily between levels 3-7. It includes:

  • 7 new Halloween-y monsters
  • 4 new magic items
  • 17 unique illustrations

Relic Heist

Step inside the Exhibition of Wonders and Mysteries!

Everyone is talking about the upcoming exhibition in town. This exhibition is run by one of the most eccentric collectors in town, and its centerpiece is said to be a mysterious relic that everyone wants to know more about. It’s nothing but town gossip—until you are asked to steal that same item. Dive into the aristocratic echelons of the city, figure out the true story behind this strange idol of a winged panther, and either go undercover or brute-force your way in to get what you were hired to retrieve. The heist is on.

This 40-page spooky adventure is most suited for a level-5 party. You can easily adjust it between levels 3-7. It includes:

  • 8 new monsters
  • 6 new magic items
  • 3 new curses

If you bought a copy of this adventure at a convention: grab the maps and tokens here.