Upcoming conventions in 2023

June 11 – Fantasy Court, Eindhoven (NL)
June 24-25 – Heroes Dutch Comic Con, Utrecht (NL)
June 30-July 2 – Dokomi (3J06), Duesseldorf (Germany)
August 11-13 – Abunai, Veldhoven (NL)
September 1-3 – Connichi, Wiesbaden (Germany)
September 9 – The Big Draw, Arnhem (NL)
October 5-8 – Spiel, Essen (Germany) – Heathen Mead booth

Tabletop RPG Adventure Modules

Looking for a fun adventure this year’s Halloween? Check out The Haunted Woods, a roleplaying adventure compatible with D20 roleplaying systems for some spooky times!

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